Sunday, September 3, 2017

Design Series: Raven Rocks Scarf, Part 7 - Putting It All Together

It's Labor Day Weekend, the traditional end of summer. You know what that means? Autumn is literally around the corner. Cooler and shorter days, more gray skies, then winter and snow and sleet and windy: my favorite weather. It's time to really kick scarf, shawl and hat knitting into overdrive.

I don't know if it's a knitter thing, but I'm very uninterested in making sure that my knitwear matches my coats. I know when people ask me to knit for them, I always hear "well, my coat is blue, so I want a blue scarf" or "I have a gray jacket and need a gray scarf." Why do non-knitters want their accessories to disappear into their outerwear? I'm very much a fan of wearing whatever strikes my fancy and if that means I wear a gold hat with a pink scarf and blue gloves, so be it! I want all the color!

I'm very excited that this winter I'll have a bright bright BRIGHT pink scarf. You've seen it; it's Raven Rocks! So the design is done and I'm happy with it. I like how it blocked and dried and how it hangs. It's going to be so warm during the cold winter months. Most likely, though, it'll be purloined by some family member who decides she wants it more than I do. I'm okay with that.

The hardest part comes next: putting the whole pattern together. By my quick count, this scarf will have about 10 different charts. In addition to the charts, I'll probably put together written instructions for knitters that don't like charts (I don't judge). Plus instructions and directions and tips and abbreviations and pictures and materials and tools.

Frankly, when I'm a world famous knitting designer, or really, when I can afford it, I'll just design and then send the charts and notes off to someone else who will put it all together for me. It's my least favorite part.

If you're at all interested in spying on me and my editing process, I'll work on it in Google Docs, which you can access here: Raven Rocks Google Doc