Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Winter is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

It's that time of year, folks. The northern hemisphere braces for cold weather and winter holidays and pumpkin spice everything; while the southern hemisphere rolls their eyes at northern-centricities. (I'm making all that up but you can bet, if I lived in the southern hemisphere, I'd be irritated that just as my weather starts to get hotter, most things turn to winter. Or at least that's how I imagine it would be. I've never actually been to the southern hemisphere. This is all pure fiction. Don't hate me.)

But knitters, in general, don't really care about the season. Most knitting takes too long to knit "in season." If you're anything like me, you're probably knitting three or four season changes ahead. I just started a sweater that I'm sure won't be ready until next winter season. But I started now. Because. I don't need a reason.

In my part of the country, winter is slow in coming. It's almost 70 degrees today! Middle of November! I'm really ready for scarves and hats but it's still too danged hot. But I know it will happen and I know my friends and family will start looking at my hats and mittens and scarves and cowls with that "uh, where's mine?" look. You know it. It's all puppy dog eyes and "oh, that's so pretty, it looks so warm" and "Hey! Give me that!"

Some people are very pushy. It's the nature of cold weather and wool.

Fortunately for me, this is also the time of year for the Indie Design Gift-Along on Ravelry, which kicks off on November 22, 2016 with a nine-day 25% off sale offered by indie designers on selected patterns. There are games and contests and drawings and all kinds of fun all the way through December 31, 2016.

I love this time of year because hundreds (literally multiple hundreds) of talented and creative indie designers get together to promote the best of their designs and, more impressively to me, their fellow designers and creators and to celebrate each other's abilities. It feels very "we love everyone" and that just makes me happy.

I'll be looking for new hat patterns mostly. Hats are nice and quick and portable and I personally can never have too many hats. Over the next few days, as the list of designers is released and I start looking through everything offered, I'll show off the hat patterns I like and why I like them.

So what kind of things do you like to knit as gifts, something quick and easy?