Monday, November 21, 2016

#giftalong2016 - My To-Knit List

In just about 24 hours, the big Indie Design Gift-A-Long sale starts on Ravelry. I don't know if you have to be a member of Ravelry to take advantage of the sale -- 25% off (using coupon code giftalong2016) of 5,106 patterns by 335 designers from 33 countries! It's so inspiring to see how creative crafty people can be.

I started making my list of projects that I want to make -- mostly hats and small quick things. I find that they are the perfect type of thing to clear my knitter's brain between big projects or when my creativity starts to fail.

Just seeing how other designers create and combine and innovate helps fire the synapses in my brain.

So I've put together a list of five designs that I would like to tackle during the GAL/KAL while I'm also working on some of my other designs. I'd love to know what you're excited to make, too.

No Place Like Home - a pair of slippers by Carolyn Macpherson. I met Carolyn during last year's GAL. Or maybe the year before? I don't remember now. She's so very creative and inspiring and enthusiastic. Carolyn also has a YouTube channel and I love to listen to her chatter on about yarn and projects and such while I'm knitting. These slippers look just right to gift to my mom and my aunts, something quick and small and, if a gift is needed quickly, just right to have in my arsenal.
Trondra - a fair isle hat by Emily K Williams. I love the construction of this hat and the way the colors fade and ombre together into each other. Plus, I'm really dying to know how Emily created the "swirl" at the top of the hat. I don't really like hats that fit tight to my head because I they make me look like I've got a pinhead. Plus, all the possible color combinations? Two-color fair isle patterns are so classy!
Flaming Beanie - a two-color brioche cable hat pattern by Lady in Yarn. I've been avoiding two-color brioche, mainly because I don't really like being "trendy" and it was so popular last year. I have to get over that and embrace the popular. Sometimes. And I love cables, especially in a hat. In-the-round is the best way to work cables, in my opinion, because it's easier to "read" the stitches and work the pattern. I'm curious to find out if that holds true with brioche stitches.
Soviet Hat - a cable hat by Solène Le Roux. Again - cables. I love cables. The pattern description says there are instructions for making the brim longer and I'll definitely do that. I like to fold my ribbing up and make it double thick. And a pompom on top! Sign me up. You oughtta know by now that I love a good pompom on top of my hats.
Beeswax Hat - a cabled/textured hat by Amy van de Laar. I don't know if it's the cables, the texture or the honeycomb texture I like most about this hat but I'm in. I adore a DK weight yarn in hat knitting. It's warm enough for most cool days but not so heavy that you'll die if you go indoors or get in the car. It's such an interesting texture, too. Combining knits, purls and cables is one of my favorite things right now.

As I was looking through these patterns again, I noticed that every one of these designers comes from a country I'd love to visit, too -- Canada, Scotland, Sweden, France and Australia! It's like my own mini world trip without having to get off my couch. Too bad, though, I'd love to go yarn shopping in each one of those countries.

I really need to win the lottery!

So tell me - what patterns/projects are you excited about?

And don't forget to check out the patterns available in the GAL sale that starts November 22, 2016. All of the participating designers are listed in the GAL forum here (I'm number 238.) Come say hi!

A few of the patterns I have offered in the GAL sale. Use coupon code giftalong2016 from
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