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Is "Free" Yarn Sufficient Payment

Yesterday I announced the beginning of test knitting for my new pattern, Edgewood Sweater. As part of the test knit, and hopefully to make up for not being able to pay actual cash money to testers, I said I'd be giving away three skeins of yarn. I hope that's not something that someone takes offense to.

I'm ultra-highly sensitive to causing offense. This often causes me to offend randomly. And that frustrates me greatly.

I know that all knitters are great stash collectors; I'm a great stash collector. So I definitely have extra yarn that, while it's beautiful and I love it--even covet it--I'm never going to use it. I actually can't think of anything better than giving it away. Giving away yarn makes me very very happy.

And if I can get something out of it, too, so much the better.

I hope that one of these three skeins will help sweeten the deal and encourage knitters to sign up to test Edgewood. Reminder, you can read more on yesterday's post, or in th…

Step Three: Test the Pattern

Wait, what were Step One and Step Two?

If you've been following me on Instagram (and, really, why not? It's harmless and I sometimes post pictures of pretty yarn and even other snapshots like that time I bleached my hair to orange), you will have noticed that I've been working on a sweater design. I've knit sweaters before; I've even knit sweaters without patterns and just made it up as I go, taking measurements and fitting the sweater to the recipient. But this is the first time I've set out to design a sweater from start to finish with the end goal of self-publishing the pattern.

It's a big proposition. I'm always kind of amazed when I'm working on a pattern that there are designers that churn out pattern after pattern and they all seem to be amazing and beautiful. I'd love to know their trick. So far, my only trick seems to be "let's design a sweater and just throw different stitches and yarns at it and see what happens."

So no…