Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Try Something New On a Monday

I'm not sure if anyone is following me on the random social media places but on Twitter/Periscope (I think Twitter owns Periscope), you may have seen that I had some interesting interactions with strangers Monday night about 9:30 pm EST. It all started, for me, when I got a wild idea and decided to stop being afraid of possibilities and just do something bizarre. For me. Bizarre for more.

First, this post on my Tumblr, which is usually just me posting pictures of awesome knitwear I find online or pictures of what I'm currently knitting:

So I was watching the Periscope broadcast, just enjoying a giant cookie that I baked (it was just some yummy tub-o'-Nestlé-Toll-House cookie dough that I mashed into one big cookie) and some adult hot cocoa (maybe more Bailey's than hot cocoa), when the host of Making Mondays, Jordan Roth, started to mention my Tumblr post. I literally just stopped. I don't think I took a breath for several minutes. Holy crap it was scary. Let's be honest. It's a totally weird thing to put out there. "Hi, I'm some odd stranger dude that knits and I want to knit a hat for three people I've never met." Weird.

But then there was this look of what I think is excitement about a hat from guest Heléne Yorke and I plotzed (that may not be the right word but the sound of it accurately describes how I felt).

Heléne and Jordan
Sorry for the crazy quality; it's the best screen cap I could grab

So I offered to knit three hats and, bam, almost as soon as Jordan said "Go do this thing. Tweet at RodeoKnits and tell him what color hat you want" I got a few messages on Twitter. It was so cool! I mean, connections! With people!

So that's how it comes to be that I'm knitting a red hat for a guy from New Jersey (or at least that's what a little Twitter-stalking as turned up - hello, William!) and for Jordan Roth and for an honest-to-goodness celebrity, Heléne. An actress. Like for real. Check her out! So I've got to think up another design for two hats.
William's hat in progress. The dangle-y bit is
just to keep me organized and on track and you can
get your own from LimaPopShoppe!

I hope these people don't mind that they'll be getting prototypes of new designs I plan to release in the next few weeks! William, your hat in process is pictured to the right (and yes, I did start it last night after you requested a red hat). I think Jordan and Heléne's will be matching hats but in different colors. I have the same yarn in both black and turquoise/teal. They can fight it out.

What will come of this? Who knows. Maybe nothing. But that's okay. I tried something new, something else happened and I DIDN'T DIE! I guess that means I should try other new things and it won't kill me.

Bonus: I just found the video on Facebook Live and you can see the part where I get mentioned about one hour, eight minutes in. Facebook doesn't make it easy to get to the part of the video where you can find me.

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Posted by Jordan Roth on Monday, January 18, 2016