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Snowy Weekend Knitting

Last weekend was the first time I'd been snowed in for multiple days in a row in a long time and it was wonderful. There was knitting and movies and television and reading and cooking and knitting and eating and drinking and knitting. I shoveled snow and napped. I read a little and napped. I knitted and knitted and knitted. And napped.

The snow started Friday morning. I had already discussed with my boss that I probably would just work from home; the forecast for snow was dire. But when I woke up, the ground was bare and it was still fairly warm. For a brief second I thought I should probably just suck it up, get dressed and go to work like a responsible adult. Well, I'm so glad I got over that quickly.

By 9:00 am, the snow started. It was light flurries and then just steady. Lots and lots and lots of snow. It didn't stop snowing until Saturday afternoon! Now, being in West Virginia, if you're not aware, we're not usually accustomed to quite so much snow in the wi…

Try Something New On a Monday

I'm not sure if anyone is following me on the random social media places but on Twitter/Periscope (I think Twitter owns Periscope), you may have seen that I had some interesting interactions with strangers Monday night about 9:30 pm EST. It all started, for me, when I got a wild idea and decided to stop being afraid of possibilities and just do something bizarre. For me. Bizarre for more.

First, this post on my Tumblr, which is usually just me posting pictures of awesome knitwear I find online or pictures of what I'm currently knitting: So I was watching the Periscope broadcast, just enjoying a giant cookie that I baked (it was just some yummy tub-o'-NestlĂ©-Toll-House cookie dough that I mashed into one big cookie) and some adult hot cocoa (maybe more Bailey's than hot cocoa), when the host of Making Mondays, Jordan Roth, started to mention my Tumblr post. I literally just stopp…

18 Days In and 2016 Is Already a Big Year

I'm calling it now. 2016 is the Year of Steven. Any Steven. If your name is Steven, you're golden. (I might be tempted to allow "Stephen", too, but c'mon, you already get a "ph" so get your own year.)

I started 2016 in Las Vegas. I know. Crazy. It's not really the kind of city you think of when you think of me (if you think of me). I'm much more quiet beachside town, maybe on the coast of Maine or England. Actually, quiet beachside town in Maine is one of my goals. That's another story.

Las Vegas is big and bright and overwhelming and lots of brown and tan and .... I'm stopping there. If you give me a glass of wine or a beer, I'll definitely go into what I think of Las Vegas. But there was one major awesome thing in Las Vegas: Sin City Knit Shop. Oh man, that place is awesome. The owner, Debbi, was so welcoming and friendly. And excited to have a "designer" in her shop. (I use quotation marks because that's something…