Sunday, January 4, 2015

My 2015 Knitsolutions

Okay, so it's super-difficult to create a portmanteau (I've always wanted to work that word into regular "conversation") of "knitting" and "resolutions." And yes, I think you're supposed to set these up before the new year.

So let's just get to it. When I list them out, put them out into the universe, hopefully that will make me more accountable and stick to the plan. And no, "go the gym more" won't show up on this list anywhere.

Blog More

I mean, this one is obvious that I can't even write more than "this is obvious."

Knit More

Why would I even have to put this down in a list of resolutions? Everyone needs a simple gimme-resolution so that you have a sense of accomplishment. I can already check mark this one DONE.

Design More

I've got lots of ideas. I've got patterns I've half-started and just never pulled the trigger. I want to push myself to design new things that I haven't tried before: sweaters for adults, maybe a mitten or glove. Some things I can't see myself designing. Socks, for example. There are already so many amazing sock designs and, frankly, I hate knitting socks. (I've been working on the same pair of socks for probably three years. Maybe I'll finish them this year.)

I've set a goal of at least 12 pattern releases for the year. There will definitely be a few more scarves, cowls and other neckwear. Also look for a hat or two. I've got one on the backburner that'll compliment Bluestone really nicely. There is a sleeveless sweater in a heavy aran yarn with a simple knit/purl graphic pattern I think you'll really love.

Miss Babs' K2
Shaken Not Stirred

Expand My Yarn-y Horizons

Let's face it, we all have yarn we love and go back to over and over. The old favorites, the workhorses, the yarns you know consistently have the colors and the feel you love. Except, there are literally, like, gazillions of amazing yarns out there that we don't get a chance to try. Maybe they're just not that popular, or too "average" and normal. Or new. Or we just have a default. Maybe it's a different weight than we usually use. For example, I'm often a fan of fingering or light DK weight yarns, perfect for shawls and lace, but last week, I ordered a bulky merino from Miss Babs (go check out K2) and, wow, I'm in love: one day and I have a new hat and I'm already scheming how to score some more.

Bonus, my new K2 has was knit with my Stress-Free Hat pattern! Try it!

And if I find a yarn I like, I'm definitely telling you all about it.

Finish That Baby Blanket

The baby was born last month. I need to get it done. And soon. Yesterday.

What are your knitsolutions? (I still think that looks like "knit fixes" but it's the best I can do.)