Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miss Babs' K2 - A New Favorite

Back in December (maybe? could have been January but December feels right) I went on a buying spree with Miss Babs and found several pounds of yarn in my mailbox a couple of days later. One skein was an irresistible K2 in color "Shaken Not Stirred."

"OMG" has never been more appropriate for a yarn. First, the color is perfect, of course. I expect nothing less from Miss Babs. The blending is flawless. In my experience, the Babette colorways are more exciting because they're unpredictable. That can also make them more challenging to work with on large projects. Fortunately, I chose a smaller project (and then an even smaller project to finish it up) and the color just shines.

I don't usually knit with chunky yarns but I've been on a hat knitting binge. Give me a chunky yarn, size 10 needles and I'll have a hat finished in no time flat. K2 is no exception. It knits smoothly with no snags or splitting. The finished stockinette is squishy with good body, nothing wimpy about the superwash merino. And to change things up, I knit a cowl using much larger needles--US 17, I think--and the fabric is just as nice as at a tighter, more "normal" gauge, just looser with more drape. In the cowl, I paired it with some leftover Quince and Co Puffin in River that I had laying around because, to be honest, I was too lazy to rip out the cowl when I ran out of yarn to make it smaller.

Next time you're shopping for yarn for a quick present and you want something colorful and hardy, I definitely recommend K2. The hat pictured is my basic "Stress Free Hat" pattern and the cowl is based on a cowl I've seen on Ravelry a lot. I can't attest to the pattern, as I just made up my version (and switched to stockinette) as I went along, but support independents designer and give Foolproof by Louise Zass-Bangham a try!

(Update on both projects: my mother claimed both, first the cowl and then the matching hat. I guess it's just a good excuse to find more K2 and make another hat for me!)