Sunday, December 21, 2014

High Fashion - A Rectangular Poncho That's So Easy to Knit!

Poncho - it's such a weird-to-me garment. They can be high fashion or "I made it with my grandma" (not that there's anything wrong with making anything with your grandma; I encourage it!). And who can forget the poncho craze ignited by Martha (Stewart) when she was released from prison and showed off a crochet poncho.

Rectangular Poncho
Photo: Paul Amato for
A poncho is basically just a square or rectangle or circle--polygon would be the right word--with a hole in the middle so you can stick it over your head. Fancy with lace or home-y with double crochet or granny square-esque  motif, poncho designs are all over the place. You may remember my first poncho pattern, Ruffner. Ruffner starts with a provisional cast on, a length of lace is knitted, then the provisional cast on is picked up and added to the live stitches, more lace is knitted and then you finish off and have a poncho with no sewing.

I loved designing Ruffner and I'm very pleased with the finished projects I've seen. Of course, I'd like to see more. And now, I have another poncho to add to my design portfolio. Published this autumn, Noro Knitting Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 has my Rectangular Poncho. It's knitted with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn and is so easy! All stockinette with some easy increases and decreases and the gorgeous Noro yarn does all the heavy lifting color-wise.

There are a bunch of other really awesome patterns in the magazine. Check them all out at and pick up a copy at your local yarn store, bookstore or online. Happy knitting!