Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getting Gifty, Getting Discounty

Gift-A-Long 2014
Use code giftalong2014 for 25% off any of these patterns
from November 13 - November 21, 2014!
I know you don't want to hear it. You've been trying to ignore it for a really long time but you can't
hide anymore. It's going to happen.

Winter. Is. Coming.

Everyone you know is going to start eyeing your steady parade of scarves and hats and cowls and wraps and toboggans and beanies and gloves and mittens and shawls and... you get the idea... and scheming how they can get one of their own. Short of knitting it themselves, of course, and mostly without paying for it.

But that's okay, you like most of these people and you really like to knit. And now you can justify that extra skein of yarn you really wanted to use but didn't know what to make. So here, permission, go knit for your family and friends and, maybe, if you're feeling generous, for someone you don't know just to brighten their day and warm their winter.

Go knit for a stranger! I think that's one of my new goals: knit something for a stranger. A hat would be perfect, I think. They're easy and quick and will fit just about anyone. And since it's a relatively small amount of yarn (compared to, say, a sweater), it's not even expensive. I just made a plan!

Sometimes the hardest part of knitting for anyone else is finding a pattern. You want something different than you've done before, something interesting but not so difficult you want to pull your hair out and throw the project across the room. But then again, not so amazing you have a hard time giving it away.

So here's an idea. For nine days in November, a group of independent designers are getting together for the second year for the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, offering a discount on their patterns and opportunities to win lots of prizes. From November 13 - November 21, more than 3,800 patterns on Ravelry will be 25% off. 25% off! On more than 3,800 patterns! That's crazy awesome.

To make it even sweeter, from November 13 through December 31, there's a massive KAL/CAL/GAL to help encourage each other to knit, crochet and gift our fingers off. And you know what? By participating in the GAL, you can possible win one of over 1,800 patterns. Plus there's a ton of other prizes. I can't possibly know everything. Go check it out yourself and get excited and involved in the Ravelry group - Indie Design Gift-A-Long.

And because I'm nerdy, and hopefully you are a little bit, too, enjoy this infographic put together by one of the other fantastic indie designers.