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Gentlemen Wear Plaid Hats: Bluestone

If you poked around in my closet a couple years ago, you'd find hanger after hanger of plaid shirts. Okay, I'll be honest, my closet is still fairly full of plaid shirts. (Eddie Bauer and I have had a long, unhealthy-for-my-wallet relationship.)

Plaids and tartans have been a mainstay of knitting patterns for a long time but they're often clunky or, in my opinion, not really effective. I think part of the problem may be that plaid doesn't necessarily translate well from woven fabric to a knitted fabric. Knitted fabric can be too thick and bulky and when you add in colorwork and stranded yarns, it gets thicker and bulkier.

Because of my affinity to plaids, I tried it over and over again but I was never happy with the results. Then, about a year and a half ago, Webs Yarn Store posted a blog with a new-to-me technique for easy knitted plaid. Go read about it. I'll wait.

I swatched a few different times to practice this plaid technique and I really love it. It has limi…

Colorful Cables and You - Gift-A-Long Interview with Andi Smith

Hopefully you're taking advantage of the Indie Design Gift-A-Long pattern sale (25% off  bunch of patterns with coupon code giftalong2014, if you don't remember!) and finding all kinds of new designs and designers that you didn't know you were missing but now are loving so much.

I know that I love the community of knitters and crocheters and crafters that I'm a part of just because I'm able to wrap some string around two sticks in the right manner and create all sorts of beautiful and useful projects. And meeting one of these other knitters and crocheters and crafters in public is especially wonderful. But sometimes, you have to settle for just meeting online.
I'd like to introduce you to a new-to-me knitting designer, Andi Smith. Andi, knitbrit on Ravelry, has been designing for eight years and also helps other designers bring their patterns to life by making sure their patterns are as correct as possible, a tech editor par excellence. Let's get to know…

Getting Gifty, Getting Discounty

I know you don't want to hear it. You've been trying to ignore it for a really long time but you can't
hide anymore. It's going to happen.

Winter. Is. Coming.
Everyone you know is going to start eyeing your steady parade of scarves and hats and cowls and wraps and toboggans and beanies and gloves and mittens and shawls and... you get the idea... and scheming how they can get one of their own. Short of knitting it themselves, of course, and mostly without paying for it.
But that's okay, you like most of these people and you really like to knit. And now you can justify that extra skein of yarn you really wanted to use but didn't know what to make. So here, permission, go knit for your family and friends and, maybe, if you're feeling generous, for someone you don't know just to brighten their day and warm their winter.
Go knit for a stranger! I think that's one of my new goals: knit something for a stranger. A hat would be perfect, I think. They'…

A Bridge and a Scarf

I know, you're expecting another baby blanket post but, well, no. That project has sadly been sidelined for just a bit. I've got a big project to get out the door and back to New York in a short amount of time. I can't give much away but it's really great alpaca /merino blend that's so soft and will be an amazing infinity scarf in a super amazing deep fuschia/purple color. I'm enjoying it so much.

For several months, I worked on a new scarf pattern and it's just been released! I'm in love with it right now. It's got symmetry and graphic lines and texture and cables. I'm actually really looking forward to the coming winter so I can start wearing it. Introducing: Fayette Scarf!

A little wider at 11", Fayette is a statement scarf, something you may want to wear all day long. And since it's knit in fingering weight (sock) yarn, the scarf is light and easy to wear and shows off the texture and eyelets nicely.

I knitted with Miss Bab's Yu…