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Vacations and Baby Blankets

Last week I went on a much-needed vacation to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. One whole week of relaxation and reading and knitting and recharging and spending time with family and friends. I even got in some yarn shopping, of course, at Knitting Addiction in Kitty Hawk (I've been shopping there once a year for a long time!) and Blue Pelican Gallery in Hatteras. I think yarn is new to Blue Pelican because I'd been there before but don't remember seeing much yarn. Now there are two rooms full of yarn and notions and books in addition to artsy gifts and collectibles.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Totally cool thing for me: at Books To Be Read in Ocracoke I found a copy of the book my first published pattern is in! I snapped a picture, of course.

I didn't really get too much knitting done -- it's difficult for me to focus on knitting when there's the ocean and napping -- but when I did knit, I worked on a new scarf pattern. I'm super excited by it and I hope you…

"Pay If You Want" -- Revised

Just a quick note about Rodeo Knits: I've decided to discontinue the "pay if you want" experiment I started about 15 months ago. In those 15 months, I only had 14 requests for free patterns. I'm a little surprised by those numbers; I suspected they would be higher.

I see quite a few downloads of my free patterns on Ravelry, but not so many requests for paid patterns for free. I wonder if the mechanism I put in place to request a free pattern was just too much for knitters that would impulse download free patterns and then never knit them. There was still a cost and the cost (name, email, pattern requested, some information in exchange for the pattern) was just too high.

I'm tempted to try an experiment where I put a coupon code on Ravelry for any pattern for free and see what happens. Last autumn, I offered two cowls to one group on Ravelry and, wow, did they get used a lot. I loved it. The coupon was used 348 times!

Thanks for stopping by for this short post. S…