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"We're Having a Baby!"

Is there another phrase that instantly sets a knitter into motion like "We're having a baby!" from one of your friends? Or friend of a friend? Or family member of a friend of a friend? It's definitely a major trigger, along the lines of "This winter is going to be the coldest winter in living memory."

The last time I heard those four words, it was uttered by my parents in reference to their friends. (No, I don't have another little brother/sister on the way. One is more than enough and he's got two great kids of his own and I'm happy just to be Fun Uncle Steve.) So, of course, it sets off a series of questions I'm sure you're familiar with:
Boy or girl? -- Girl!Traditional or non-traditional? -- Surprise me!Fussy or easy going? -- Easy going!Good friends or acquaintances? -- Great friends!Pink, purple or yellow? -- All of the above. And gray! And lots of color! They're not afraid of color! By the way, "not afraid of color" …