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Baby Surprise Jacket Revisited Again

As I've been thinking a lot about the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern lately - teaching a class, knitting for a friend and writing a blog post - I dug into my knitting memories and pulled out one of my favorite projects of all time.

A little back story: when I worked on the project I ultimately title "You Are My Sunshine," I was going through a phase where I was experimenting with mosaic knitting, a technique of color work using two colors but only knitting with one at a time. Alternately knit two rows with each color and, with well-placed stitches, you'll have a colorwork pattern that looks far more complicated than it is. My Clendenin cowl pattern is made with mosaic knitting.

Many years ago, after knitting several Baby Surprise Jackets, I experimented with marrying the two -- jacket and mosaic knitting -- together into one pattern. The Baby Surprise Jacket is all garter stitch and so, I thought, perfect for mosaic knitting. I think it was successful.

I love how the f…

Favorite Pattern: Surprise! It's a Baby Sweater!

Into every knitter's life there comes a pattern that you will return to over and over and over again. I suppose it's true for any craft-type thing: favorite recipe, favorite painting style, favorite genre of writing or music, etc. You can probably think of a pattern off the top of your head that you've made several times and will gladly make several times more.

For me, it's an unlikely pattern -- a baby sweater. I don't have children. My nephew and niece are too far away and too rarely seen to get knitted garments (they grow too quickly and I have no idea what size they are for knits). Not very many of my friends have children or are having children. But still, a baby sweater.

I was introduced to Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket about eight years ago. This was before I even joined Ravelry. How did we find patterns before Ravelry? I can't remember how I discovered the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern but that doesn't even matter. I did find it an…