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An Evolution of Stripes

Spring has finally arrived in Appalachia, even though the weather has decided it still would rather be ornery than cooperative and pleasant. Even with the wildly ranging high and low temps and storms marching up the valleys and along the river, trees are in bud, grass is greening and even the early spring bulbs have started blooming.

Is there anything happier than a bright yellow daffodil?

With Spring comes the promise of fresh veggies, fresh air and fresh ideas. Even Spring gray skies are brighter than Winter's.

I'm decidedly very glad to see the seasons changing.

Last week, I was going back through my pins on Pinterest (yes, I've given in to the website of evil collections) and browsing the blogs I follow on Tumblr -- you can follow my Tumblr at -- and decided that I want to work up a design that is easy to wear and has just a little drama.

I started swatching a sweater with oversized shrug-like sleeves and, the best thing (if it works), kn…