Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why You Should Knit Gifts, or Everyone's So Needy

About this time of year, when the first snow flakes fly in the northern hemisphere, I start to hear "I have to knit presents for..." There are a couple ways to react.

My personal favorite: "I don't knit under obligation to anyone else." I knit things because I want to knit. The finished object isn't as important to me, so generally when I'm done, I can find someone that will take it off my hands.

This removes all the stress from any type of gift giving, including the stress of "will they like it." That's the worst one. It's never the right color, the right size, or the right amount of softness. I warn ya now, you'll even have friends and/or family that will complain about how itchy that cashmere scarf is. And then you never knit for them again.

Another option? Buy them a pair of needles, a skein of yarn and a cheap how-to book and tell 'em it's their own scarf. They just have to figure out how to do it -- the proverbial "teach a man to fish" gift.

That's probably going to make some of your friends not happy.

So I guess the only good option is to break down and knit the gifts. And I bet you need some ideas. Have I got some ideas for you!

Of course, I definitely recommend any of my patterns, but particularly Market Shawl and the duo of cowls Clendenin and Truslow. Market Shawl is the type of pattern you can keep with you and knit a few stitches anywhere you go without having to dig out a pattern and really puzzle over a chart. Clendenin and Truslow and very quick knits and can be made in any color combo for anyone on your gift list. Another favorite for easy knitting and effective use of beautifully dyed skeins of yarn would be South Hills.

I've joined the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry. From November 1 through November 15, a whole bunch of designer's patterns, including mine, will be available at 25% off with coupon code "giftalong". Go check out the fun at Indie Design Gift-A-Long. If you join the gift-a-long, you'll also be entered into prize drawings and contests. I've donated a couple copies of my ebook The Vandalia Collection.

What are your coping mechanisms for gift knitting?