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Why You Should Knit Gifts, or Everyone's So Needy

About this time of year, when the first snow flakes fly in the northern hemisphere, I start to hear "I have to knit presents for..." There are a couple ways to react.

My personal favorite: "I don't knit under obligation to anyone else." I knit things because I want to knit. The finished object isn't as important to me, so generally when I'm done, I can find someone that will take it off my hands.

This removes all the stress from any type of gift giving, including the stress of "will they like it." That's the worst one. It's never the right color, the right size, or the right amount of softness. I warn ya now, you'll even have friends and/or family that will complain about how itchy that cashmere scarf is. And then you never knit for them again.

Another option? Buy them a pair of needles, a skein of yarn and a cheap how-to book and tell 'em it's their own scarf. They just have to figure out how to do it -- the proverbial &q…

3 Steps to Getting Paid to Knit

I read a little blog post today somewhere -- to be honest, I was still half-asleep and I clicked on a link in my Twitter stream -- about how to drive more traffic to your blog by having catchy titles and what titles work better. Apparently, numbered steps (don't spell out the number of steps) and DIY/how-to posts are most effective/popular. We'll see.

Step 1: Just Ask -- For several years, I've worked with a company in northern Virginia that dyes beautiful yarns, mostly lace weight and light weight yarns, and knit samples for them. They're a fantastic, talented duo (check out their stuff: Just Our Yarn) and the projects are fun to knit.

I met Diane and Cathy at Stitches East quite a few years ago -- I just checked my email history and it
was in 2008! -- by chance. My friends Jana and Pat had shopped at their booth first and when we stopped for a shopping break and a little snack, Cathy dropped by our table and we all chatted about how they started the business. Just …

You're a Star!

Way back since the beginning of time (or a couple of months ago, if you're really keeping track), I started playing around with the Estonian star stitch and trying different variations. One thing led to another, one idea to another and bang, here we are. I hope my obsession is finally over.

I have a confession. I'm not a trained designer of anything. I don't think I'm a prodigy or have any incredible talent that must be shared with the world. I'm not inspired by the falling leaves or the change in seasons or how people are interconnected and emotions and blahblahblah. I just like to knit things, I get ideas and sometimes I write those ideas down, mostly because I think they're good ideas and that someone else might like to make them, too.

I was thrilled to learn that two of my cowls were recommended to a group on Ravelry that was having a unisex cowl knit-along. I was following along, though not knitting with the group because I have too many projects already,…