Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Mountain

I don't generally complain. Much. Well, not about me/my life. I do complain about other people sometimes (a lot). But I find that people don't really care all that much if you complain too much. Griping and complaining and moaning and whinging about all the minutiae of every day life won't win many fans. But that's my personal opinion, you can take it or leave it. I have some friends that make only complain all the time and I still like them.

Why such a downer of a post opening? Because that's just how cool I am. Also, because of "my mountain." Recently I entered a hat design contest and part of the contest included telling about "my mountain" - something that I overcame or fought against in my life. Just as no one really likes a whiner, no one likes that person that's all "my life is amazing/perfect/no problems." And my life isn't like that anyway. But when I do think about the problems in my life and compare to the problems in the life of someone fighting cancer or domestic abuse or, heck, chemical warfare, my problems are absolutely nothing.

That didn't stop me from entering the contest. And my "problem" - trying to get the hang of designing patterns - didn't stop the yarn company from selecting one of my hats as a semi-finalist! O!M!G! in all capital letters with exclamation points.

Presenting: White Lightning

White Lightning, named after a ski run somewhere in WV that I found by searching Google (because I'm a terrible skier), is made using one skein of Schachenmayr Bravo Big in granite and one skein Schachenmayr Boston in neon yellow. And a massive pompom. The entire hat, start to finish, probably took all of 3 hours to knit. It's 40 stitches on size US #13 needles. Those are some massive needles. And I'll tell ya, the Clover pompom maker is brilliant and easy to use.

I've worn the hat a few times around my apartment but it really is still summer and much too hot for that much hat. I'd love to wear it this winter, huge pompom and all, but unfortunately (ha!), I have to mail it off to the yarn company that sponsored the contest. Oh darn. Poor me. Someone professional wants my hat. (See, another "problem"!)

From now through September 23, there are 18 hat (out of 215 submissions) that you, my wonderful and beautiful and smart and talented friends can vote for on Facebook. (Links here: https://www.facebook.com/mymountain.us/app_451684954848385 and, if you're on a mobile device, here: http://woobox.com/jt3ju3) Hopefully you'll vote for my hat. I hope you do. I would very much love to win a contest like this. But, and I know it's totally cliché, it really is an honor being nominated!

I was able to knit a second hat using both yarns, though I didn't have enough left over for a pompom. I used a different pattern with a little bit of stranding and slipped stitches, though not quite as much as White Lightning. I think I'll whip up that pattern and throw it up on the blog so you, dearest knitters, can knit it if you'd like.

I don't normally knit with acrylic yarns but these two were very enjoyable. Bravo Big is... well... big. And it's got a good feel to it, not squeaky like other acrylics I've used. And I could not resist the neon that was offered in Boston. It's also an acrylic that isn't squeaky and a joy to knit. If I were using Boston by itself in a project, I'd probably consider knitting it a bit tighter. It has many plies and they do separate a bit in sections where the yarn is allowed to drape. And the pompom almost immediately started to fray into small plies of yarn gathered together. In the pompom it looks even more crazy and amazing. 

I'm not going to complain about a crazy awesome pompom!