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My Mountain

I don't generally complain. Much. Well, not about me/my life. I do complain about other people sometimes (a lot). But I find that people don't really care all that much if you complain too much. Griping and complaining and moaning and whinging about all the minutiae of every day life won't win many fans. But that's my personal opinion, you can take it or leave it. I have some friends that make only complain all the time and I still like them.

Why such a downer of a post opening? Because that's just how cool I am. Also, because of "my mountain." Recently I entered a hat design contest and part of the contest included telling about "my mountain" - something that I overcame or fought against in my life. Just as no one really likes a whiner, no one likes that person that's all "my life is amazing/perfect/no problems." And my life isn't like that anyway. But when I do think about the problems in my life and compare to the problems i…