Sunday, August 4, 2013

Win a Hat!

Do you need a new hat for winter? Do you love neon yellow and dark gray? The correct answer to both questions is "Yes, please! How do I win?"

Let me know in the comments that you want to win the hat. Or, tweet at me @RodeoKnits.

I'm calling it White Lightning after a ski run at Timberline in Davis. I don't ski. I've tried skiing. It was a terrible mistake and I spent way too much time non-upright on skis so I finally just gave up and sat in the lodge. The lodge is my favorite part of skiing.

If anyone wants to go skiing this winter and wants someone to hang out in the lodge by the fire, drink hot cocoa, and watch all your stuff while you're shredding the hills (that's a thing, right), let me know! I always have a good book or knitting to take with me. And as quick as this hat was to knit, I could probably finish one before you make it back down the mountain the first time.