Thursday, June 6, 2013


No autographs, please! Put your flashbulb camera away. (Do people still use flashbulbs? Is that a thing? Am I saying it right?)

I recently spent a fun hour or two with local reporter and writer-extraordinaire Monica Orosz with Charleston Daily Mail and we talked about my knitting, where/how I learned, what my projects and designing ideas and processes are and where I'd like to see everything go. Yesterday, a wonderfully written article was published in the Daily Mail and, I gotta be honest, I'd kinda like to meet and knit with that guy from the article. He sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

I'm definitely hiring Monica to write my biography if that's ever needed. (Monica, you have my permission to take all the poetic license you wish.)

I wasn't sure I'd like the attention (one very astute coworker theorized that, really, I probably don't want to be perceived as liking the attention), but it really wasn't bad. Of course, some good-natured teasing but also fun to hear from family and friends I don't get to talk to that often. Most people didn't know I had been interviewed, so that was also a fun surprise.

The article also started some brief convos with current non-knitters (I call 'em My Future Knitters of the World - FKOW, for short, which is also the sound Calvin & Hobbes would use to decimate aliens with a transmogrifacation ray) about learning to knit. So I'm working on a super simple, mega-beginner, ultra-easy pair of fingerless mitts: knit flat, one seam. I'll call the mitts something like "Journalist Mitts" or "What's counting?" I've whipped up one mitt already. It's a long version and I'll also write a short version.

They're green.

One pair will use less than 150 yards of worsted weight yarn, a pair of US #8 needles and a darning needle. Even a beginner could knit a pair in under 3 hours. Or at least, that's the goal.

Now I've just got to get Lauren, Lynette, Ann, Whitney and Andrea together for a big learn-to-knit class. Go pick out your color here, ladies!