Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brawley - a knitting class

Brawley, three skeins Plymouth Royal Llama Silk
One of my favorite things about knitting is how it's lead me to being a teacher. I really do love helping knitters advance and become more confident in their craft (or art, depends on your viewpoint). Each time I teach a class, I look for ways to pass along tips and tricks I've learned in my knitting career.

I also really like learning that a word has a more perfect meaning, like "career." For a long time, I thought "career" was a perfect synonym to "job" -- interchangeable. But the definition for "career" is so much more.

ca·reer /kəˈri(ə)r/ -- noun: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.

I've been knitting, an associated with other yarn crafts, for a very long time -- more than significant -- and there is always opportunities for progress. And knitting has been something that I feel I've progressed and improved. It's made me more confident (okay, only about knitting) and I have definitely made some great friends, people I can count on as collaborators.

Brawley, three skeins Berocco Blackstone Tweed
Coming up next Saturday, June 22, I'll be teaching Brawley, a three-color scarf. It's three sessions (three Saturdays in a row) from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. Normally, a scarf class is one session. When you knit a scarf, you generally need some direction getting started. Maybe it's a new technique or stitch pattern. It might be a trick with how to work with the yarn. Brawley is a little different.

Although the stitch pattern is the easiest combination of knit and purl, the beginning and ending are different from the majority of scarf patterns. Not hard, just different. I'd love to see a lot of new knitters in the class. Contact Sarah at Kanawha City Yarn Company to register and get a list of supplies.