Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Vandalia Collection (cont'd)

"Can you knit me something?" 
Clendenin in Malabrigo Twist,
modeled by me!

Almost every knitter dreads this question. The only worse question is "Can you knit something for me to give to someone else?"

My go-to for any of these situations is usually some kind of scarf but scarves can just be such a commitment, both in time and in money. The solution? A cowl, or gaiter, or neck warmer - whatever you want to call it. 

I worked on a cowl pattern that highlighted a very nice Malabrigo Yarn: Twist. It's slightly thick and thin but, at the tighter gauge, it's not noticeable and lends a nice surface texture. It also works up in mosaic colorwork extremely neatly.

I also knit in Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk, a soft and luxurious blend of 60% llama and 40% silk. The colors are slightly heathered and the feel is soft and smooth, which you'd expect from a silk yarn, and warm like you'd expect from the llama.

The pattern, Clendenin, is available on Raverly as an individual pattern and as part of The Vandalia Collection. And stay tuned for a plain version for fancy colors.

What do you do when someone asks the "knit something for me" question?