Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Vandalia Collection. Again?

Three posts in three days? What in the what is happening?

I've added another pattern on my Ravelry store page. I know, non-knitters, you don't know what that is. Get your grandmother's knitting needles and pick up some yarn. It's fun!

This one is called Truslow. It's related to Clendenin - similar construction, but a little more simple. Two layers of fabric joined together simply makes a quick present all your friends and family members will love. I've even worn this one as a faux hat (not closed on top) and in the Malabrigo Yarn Twist, it's so soft!

I taught a group of knitters Truslow at the end of last year and everyone was successful. It's always so fun to see all the different yarns that different knitters will choose for the same project. It's also interesting to see that, so often, some Malabrigo Yarn wins just because it's so soft and the colors are awesome.

I hope to see that people like the patterns I've been releasing. I'm very proud of them but, y'know, like your own kids you may not see the flaws.

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Coming soon: the rest of the patterns in The Vandalia Collection: South Hills, MacCorkle and Brawley.