Saturday, May 18, 2013

One Week In, and Ruffner, In Action

I've been a "professional" knitting designer for just over a week. Five patterns of a seven pattern collection are available, the last two should go up this weekend. And I still have more ideas to flesh out and put out In the world for judgment.

That's scary. 

The first time I got an email that someone purchased a pattern - for real gave me money in exchange for a product - well, that was super exciting. And a little validating. Maybe more than a little. My friends and family always tell me (almost always, there have been some stinkers) they like my designs, but aren't friends and family required to say that? Now there are people that have never met me that might knit my pattern. I wonder which will be first. I have a feeling Market Shawl

Ruffner is one of my favorites and, I think, if knitters saw it in person, they'd love it. I'm just pretty bad at photography. Yesterday. Stopped at KCYC to chat after work and Sarah (owner) graciously modeled for me. 

And so, Ruffner, in action shots: