Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Guess what I did this weekend. Yes, I almost overdosed on a marathon of "Arrested Development." Except I didn't watch the much-anticipated new season on Netflix because I, ashamedly, had never seen any of the series. I started at the beginning and made it through the middle of Season Three by the time the holiday weekend ended. It's very funny and I approve. The family is terrible. I wonder what it says about me that most of the shows I like to watch are about terrible people/families. Oh well.

I also worked on the collection of knitting patterns called "The Vandalia Collection." They're all available online on Ravelry or on the blog page here. Making a foray (is that a word?) into long-format desktop publishing, I am combining all of the patterns into one book. It's 36 pages long and I've ordered one copy. (I know - one copy? Crazy!) I want to see what it's like before I think about ordering more. If anything, it's a good experiment to see how I like to see my name in print.

Speaking of "in print", watch for a special announcement on Friday this week. (Rodeo Knits may have been seen speaking with a certain newspaper reporter.)

What are you knitting? I've got another Brawley on the needles with a new yarn from Quince & Co. called Owl. I like the yarn a bunch. It's soft and easy to knit; the colors are muted but current. Big fan.

I'm also using square needles from Kollage. They're - uh - needles. At this size, US 9, they're a little odd. I feel like the squared off edges are like speed bumps. I've used smaller needles, US 4, and they were a lot easier to use. I think I'll probably stick with my regular round needles. Next, I want to try Karbonz by Knitters Pride.