Friday, May 10, 2013

A New Era: The Vandalia Collection

I've been receiving a lot of encouragement from my knitting friends to step up and start releasing the pattern designs I've been saving. So far, I've been resistant. They weren't perfect. The formats are amateur. The pictures aren't great and don't show off the pattern in real-life settings.

I want photo shoots on city streets with professional styling and lighting. I want the models look like they're having so much fun hanging out with friends shopping at Capitol Market or laughing over coffee and ice cream at Ellen's. I want men and women in scarves looking toasty warm and well-loved and happy.

I want professionally designed pattern lay outs with fancy fonts. I want serif. Or sans serif.

I want to send the finished patterns to a printer and pick out heavy card stock to give yarn shops something beautiful to sell.

But you know what? Just do it. Post the dang things and move on. The patterns can always be edited and re-released with fancy formatting and professional pictures.

And so, I did. I'm offering each pattern for sale individually, or seven patterns as part of The Vandalia Collection. (Thanks, @StateJournalAnn for the name suggestion. Your rock!)

The first two patterns released are:
Market Shawl

Ruffner - a lace poncho

It's the start of a new era. The era of Rodeo Knits, World Domination. Oh wait, that's delusions of grandeur again.