Thursday, April 11, 2013

Knit [for] Your Life

Into every life, a little competition must fall.
 Or something like that.

Snakeskin Weave
A couple months ago, a knitting company announced a competition along the lines of American Idol or The X Factor or maybe even Project Runway called The Fiber Factor (Spoiler alert: I did not enter) for designers. The premise: give 12 knitters the same design challenge, see what try come up with, judge them, declare a winner

It sounds like fun to me. Except for the judging part. That could go either way. If there's that one judge that just wants to say snarky sarcastic one-liners, I'm not interested. (You know who you are. Okay, it's me.)
So anyway, the contestants have been announced (again, not me) and the first challenge issued. "Knit your life."

I tend toward pessimistic and sarcastic when I'm not careful. My first reaction was "Is there anything more annoying than this faux-artsy blech?" I mean, sure, it'll be interesting to see what the designers create. Although, I think it could go a couple different ways:
  • Literal: colorwork or lace to pictorially introduce the designer. Think "I love cats" or "Paris is my favorite city."
  • Abstract: dark colors to illustrate how difficult life as been and obstacles that were beaten through knitting. Think flashes of pink or rainbows.
What other choices are there? Or there will be some off-the-wall "these cables represent..." explanation in the videos.

But when I sit back and think about it, the competition could be great. Inspiration comes from everywhere and nothing is as personal as your own life. I just have to fight my tendency to look down my nose at artists that take themselves so seriously.

So I've been thinking about what I would design if I were in the competition and I think I've hit a decent idea. Share it? Sure! (Fiber Factor designer that borrows my idea: I hope you win and thank me in your speech.)
I hold onto things far longer than is healthy, literally and abstractly. (Abstractively? I don't think that's word.) So, obviously, I'm going with a knitted bag. Felted, for sure, for durability. Isn't that a super-easy project? Yep. But also could be awesome. Interesting color changes and textures.

I've been tossing around an idea for felting that would be pretty neat/innovative/I haven't seen done before. Do you want to know what it is? Me too. What about combining knitting, felting and needlepoint all in one project. I think a band of simple all-over lace (yo, k2tog the whole time) and then felted should give you a base to do some mega-needlepoint.

In other news: that picture at the top? That's one of the new projects I'm working on - weaving on an eight-harness loom with Louet Cottolin in two colors - tan and gray - from this draft. It's supposed to look similar to snakeskin. We'll see, right?

If you were assigned to create something that represented you, what would it look like?