Sunday, March 17, 2013

Defining a Purpose

I'm not a trained writer even if I like to pretend I am. Actually, if I'm perfectly honest, I'm not really "amazing" at anything except I do have an odd ability to knit really good -- well -- good -- whichever one, like I said, I'm not a writer.
So why do I have a blog? I had one before and it wasn't a great success.
All that non-success was my own fault because I just stopped posting. And also, I was younger and very angst-y then. And angry. New meds are fantastic!
I want to try to be a writer so why not just practice. The best part of the internet is anyone can write anything they want and no one has to read it.
I'm also going to use the blog as a way to document some of my knitting -- obviously, the "Knits" part -- including my maybe-delusional attempt to become a world famous, total domination knit pattern designer. Join the knitvolution.
And then there's just the cool things I come across that I want to share:

  • things I bought/want to buy
  • places I've been
  • art/artist I think are amazing or just cool or do things I wish I could do
  • books/movies/plays/television shows/songs I'm obsessed with, whether they're awesome or horrible
In the spirit of things I'm enjoying, here's a video by local band Coyotes in Boxes I've been playing off and on while cleaning up around the apartment. Happy Sunday!